HORIZON21c—An Unconventional Event

Agri-food supply chains are traditionally linear with a discrete order of progression—input, produce, source, make, deliver, consume. The challenges they’ll face in the 21st century are anything but. They’re complex systems shaped by myriad of interconnected forces, trends, and developments. 

To meet these challenges, tomorrow’s value chain will look different than today—integrated, efficient, transparent, resilient. Getting there requires forward-looking leaders innovating and collaborating across the supply chain to realize the solutions that will shape the future. Enter HORIZON21c.

Hosted by the Illinois Agri-Food Alliance, the HORIZON21c Summit brings together a select group of established and emerging leaders from across the supply chain to engage in a dynamic and generative experience focused on the future of food and agriculture. Attendees connect with peers, explore ideas for meeting future trends and opportunities, and create strategies that advance sector innovation.

What’s in store for 2018?

The New and Future Consumer is already making their mark on all parts of the agri-food supply chain. In its inaugural year, the 2018 HORIZON21c Summit will explore, challenge, and enlighten attendees around the many issues related to evolving consumer trends and their significant ramifications across food and agriculture.