An Agri-Food Alliance for the 21st Century


Forging a transformative agri-food alliance for a competitive, innovative, and sustainable future.

The agri-food landscape is shifting, driven by myriad of interrelated forces from evolving business trends, consumer behaviors, and market volatility, to emerging technologies, environmental pressures, and changing workforce dynamics. To meet the needs of the 21st century, tomorrow’s agri-food systems will look different than today—integrated, efficient, transparent, resilient.

Getting there will require systems thinking and collaborative action to catalyze positive change.

Enter the Illinois Agri-Food Alliance.

An Agri-Food Epicenter

Illinois’ food and agriculture system has been
a driving force of the state’s economy for
centuries and is a globally recognized center
of world-class production & processing,
business & trade, and research & innovation.

Leveraging these unique assets via coordinated
leadership and catalyzed action will advance
the innovation and thought-leadership
needed in the 21st century.

An Alliance for the
21st Century

Illinois Agri-Food Alliance works to connect
talent, catalyze ideas, and champion solutions
in a time of unprecedented change.

Through a unified, neutral platform,
our partners are aligning
strategic priorities, sparking innovation,
improving coordination, catalyzing growth,
increasing visibility, and building trust —
ingredients essential to driving
forward-thinking solutions that address the
21st century economic, environmental, and
societal challenges of today and tomorrow.

Our Goals
Connect. Catalyze. Champion.

  • Foster and sustain a world-class epicenter for
    agri-food system ideation and innovation
  • Provide a neutral convening point to explore
    complex, systemic challenges
  • Track trends, technologies, and developments
    in a rapidly changing landscape
  • Enhance understanding and serve as a refer-
    ence point for the public and professionals
  • Catalyze and champion actions that support
    economic, environmental, and societal health
  • Create impacts that are greater than the sum
    of their parts

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