Cross-Sector Collaboration for Systemic Innovation

Collaboration is essential. At the Illinois Agri-Food Alliance (ILAFA), we build value networks that embrace complexity, seek understanding, ideate systemic solutions, and scale activities for impact. 

The food and agricultural landscape is constantly changing in the midst of technological, political, societal, environmental, and cultural shifts. This evolution requires a common vision and collaborative leadership to foster new understanding, approaches, and cooperation to address emerging complex challenges. Without a transformative, coordinated approach, individual agendas will be pursued and unaddressed challenges will pose significant risks to the state and the system as a whole. Illinois is uniquely equipped to be a global epicenter that shapes the innovation required, and progress could confer a range of benefits for the state’s citizens, its economy, and environment.

The Illinois Agri-Food Alliance provides a collaborative environment for stakeholders to engage in lively discussion and exchange of ideas pertaining to the most cutting-edge and pressing issues impacting Illinois’ vibrant food and agriculture system. We help stakeholders think and act systemically by utilizing tools and frameworks designed for systemic learning, problem diagnosis, strategy design, and implementation. 

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